1. delicatemotion:



    take a moment to realize you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures


    some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn’t recognise it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like

    This gave me anxiety

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  2. Sultry, sexy lady. #BAE

    Her video is finally out in Canada and will be made available to the rest of the world on July 15th. 

    GO GETTEM NIK! Stream her EP #LittleSecret on Spotiy: http://bit.ly/1rZ3rqb

    Music is out in Canada, France and other parts of the world. #ComingToAmerica soon. 


  3. #Tbt walking the streets of Japan 🎏 #qjp


  4. Repost from @thomasduport: Godfather @quincydjones takes over #JazzAVienne tonight with @andreasvarady @nikkiyanofsky94 @alfredormusic and #JustinKauflin.

    France, you look so beautiful. 🇫🇷


  5. If you want to get lost for an hour and a half… 

    Weather Report in Montreux 1976. 



  7. "Wandering Limbs" by Kimbra

    I haven’t seen this video before, but it was very nice to hear what Kimbra was up to before the big break. Always pure, she always sings from the depths of her old soul. Curious to hear what else I’ve been missing out on…. 

    Looking forward to hearing what the new album is about. “90s Music” is very different from her older stuff, but you can hear that she’s growing as a musician and this will be a transition from the Kimbra we’ve grown used to, to the new shiny and vibrant Kimbra she’s evolving into. We all change and grow… I’ve seen some of the criticism her new song is receiving and to dismiss the song in general and say that it’s a sell-out or completely wrong is to deny her as a whole and as a musician herself. It’s hard to say that about other artists because not all have strong say in what they do in their career, and Kimbra has always been one of the few to be completely expressive about who she is or what she wants to convey. Every note has it’s purpose…. 


  8. malwarednb:

    This is what happens to you if you come up to the decks and request a song.

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  9. "The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea."
    — Isak Dinesen (via which-witch)

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  10. and killin the game. 


    Jungle - Time

    .they’re still at it.

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  11. A very honest article about fashion’s beauty standards and the dealings woman have to face every day in order to remain standing, maybe even taller than yesterday, after being brazen with every day social commentary and inner criticism.


    Working in the fashion industry means you are constantly exposed/subjected to images of perfection - Amazonian goddesses, pin-up pouts and doll-like rosy cheeks can twist your perception of beauty into something totally unnatural. Milly McMahon recounts her own experiences of feeling overwhelmed by the industry and how to feel beautiful within it.



    What a great music video.. i can “feel” the song in my bones. And therefore might listen to it a few more times. 



  13. Shout out to #Dublab and #Frosty for always supporting ground breaking, out of the boring norm, innovative music. If it wasn’t for the music evangelists, every day would be the same day, over and over again. 

    Check out Frosty’s interview with Alfredo Rodriguez where he talks about his new album The Invasion Parade, his roots, improvisation, and after he jams out on his mini moog. Good stuff. 


    And remember, be an active member and spread the word. Without the sharers, every day would be the same day, over and over again. 


  14. Taylor McFerrin shares “Decisions” featuring Emily King. 

    From Noisey: 

    Hey fuck work, eh? Go do yourself a favor right now and tell your boss that you’re not feeling very well and you need to peace out because you need to go home and “be sick” or something. But instead, call up that special someone and put on “Decisions,” Taylor McFerrin’s new song featuring Emily King, and get ready to make out a bunch. The ambient track comes from his upcoming record Early Riser, which drops June 3 on Brainfeeder.


  15. From It’s Nice That: 

    It’s always nice when two of your favourite artists are brought together in some way, when one kind of art form inspires another. Great collaborators often produce great work: I’m thinking of Michael Gondry’s music video for Björk, or Dali’s dream sequence for Hitchcock, or Keith Haring painting Grace Jones. So I was very excited to see Markus Hofko, a.k.a the Bow, a.k.a Rainbowmonkey, a New Zealand based graphic designer and digital artist, making a video for Flying Lotus’ shimmering track Phantasm(feat. Laura Darlington).

    I first came across Hofko when I saw his glow-in-the-dark cover for Desktop magazine, which transformed everyday household objects into creepy creatures if you turned the lights off. As to be expected, the result of pairing Hofko with the otherworldly sounds of Flying Lotus is mind-blowing.

    Set in a desert landscape, a hairy creature that looks a bit like the offspring of Chewbacca unravels a Mummy made from constellations – it’s Star Wars meets Antony Gormley meets Chirico meets the rings of Jupiter. The combination of stunning digital manipulation, and a guy crawling about in a rag suit, is humorous, surreal and poignant all at once. The unlikely pair make their brief and dream-like journey through a barren landscape accompanied by Darlington’s haunting vocals and the cosmic soundscape of the track. It’s quite a trip, and you definitely won’t want to come back down to earth. This is a music video not to be missed, and a graphic designer to keep an eye on.